What Makes Our Books Unique

Our unique books have the look and feel of young-reader chapter books, but are written specifically for students with learning challenges. With limited decoding skills students can read our books, while engaging in story dialogue that includes characters, setting, problem, and solution. The books are designed to help improve phonemic awareness, increase sight-word vocabulary, fluency, and reading comprehension. They provide necessary supports invisibly, so that students are not stigmatized by reading a “baby book.” The series is fun, imaginative, of higher content level, and most of all, it will help to build self-esteem and a desire to read.

A personal desire to read can be affected by students’ book selections, social relationships, and their reader identity. All three of these aspects help build a strong student and can help foster a high level of self-esteem and a desire to read for personal growth (Bang-Jensen, 169).

In a study with younger students, researchers “learned how much of reading, particularly the decision about what to read, is social.”(Pierce qtd. in Bang-Jensen, 172).

Our low-level/high-content chapter books look and feel like the other chapter books, which means that students are more likely to choose the book, engage in the content, and feel confident they are reading a chapter book. The books are designed to help improve decoding skills, fluency, and comprehension, while promoting a higher level of self-esteem and a desire to read.