Our Story

three-kids-chapter-dynamicsIt all started seven years ago in a school in New York City. As teachers, we help students pick out books for independent reading. One day we were helping a struggling reader, in the second grade, pick out an independent reading book, when she said, “I don’t want to read that. It has too many pictures. It’s a baby book. I want to read a chapter book.”

We had heard this phrase all too often. That’s when it hit us both; why aren’t there any chapter books- for students reading on a very low level- that look and feel like the books their typical peers are reading?

We did research and we were disappointed that we could not find any books meeting this criterion. That’s when we decided to write our own chapter book series to give students reading on a very low level the same opportunity as their peers; a chance to read a high-content level chapter book while improving decoding skills, fluency, comprehension, and most of all, self -esteem.