Guided Reading Lesson:
Where We Could Fly

Introduction/Background Knowledge

  • What are some things that can fly?
  • If you could fly where would you go?

In this book, people can fly. Ben and his pals-Ted, Sam, and Pam fly to different places and play games in the sky. Let’s read about their adventures in the sky.

Chapter 1

Key Vocabulary
tag, tub

Comprehension Questions:

  • Where does this chapter take place?
  • How do you play tub tag?
  • Who and what color won tub tag?

Critical Thinking Questions

  • Would you want to play tub tag? Why or why not?
  • Where do you think the pals will fly to next?
  • If you could make up a game to play in the sky what would it be?

Chapter 2

Key Vocabulary
snow, hill

Comprehension Questions:

  • What was the weather like outside?
  • What was the problem in this chapter?
  • How was the problem solved?
  • What did Ben and his pals do while they waited for the snow to stop?

Critical Thinking Questions

  • Have you ever looked up at the clouds and thought it looked like something?
  • How do you think Ben and his pals felt when they were flying through the snow storm?
  • Can you think of a time you felt scared or frightened? What did you do to solve the problem?

Chapter 3

Key Vocabulary
beach, cold, warm, pit, splash

Comprehension Questions:

  • Where did Ben and his pals fly to?
  • Why did they fly to the beach?
  • What did they do at the beach?

Critical Thinking Questions

  • What was your favorite thing they did at the beach?
  • What do you like to do at the beach?
  • Do you think it was brave of the pals to jump off a log into the water?

Chapter 4

Key Vocabulary
hut, pal,

Comprehension Questions:

  • What did Ben, Ted, Sam, and Pam build?
  • Who did Pam meet?
  • Why are Ben, Ted, Sam, and Pam going to have a play date with Lil and Lex?
  • When are they going to have a play date with Lil and Lex?

Critical Thinking Questions

  • At the beginning of Chapter 4, Pam makes new pals for the group. What do you learn about Pam’s personality in this chapter?
  • What do you think Lil and Lex will think of snow?
  • If you had a friend who was seeing snow for the first time what would you take them to do in the snow?

Chapter 5

Key Vocabulary
snow, hill, mat, snow hut

Comprehension Questions:

  • What do they do with Lil and Lex on their playdate?
  • What happened to Sam while they were sledding on mats?
  • How do you make a snow hut?
  • Who couldn’t fit in the snow hut? How did they solve the problem?
  • Where are the pals going next?

Critical Thinking Questions

  • Make a prediction of what you think will happen in the next chapter.
  • Is sledding easier or harder for them because they can fly?
  • Why do they have to leave when the sun goes down?
  • How do you think Ben, Ted, Sam, and Pam feel about Lil and Lex?

Chapter 6

Key Vocabulary
snack, Fun Tun- amusement park-discuss what an amusement park is.

Comprehension Questions:

  • Who got to Fun Tun first?
  • What did the pals do at Fun Tun?
  • What are the big cups?
  • What is Zip Zop?
  • What is Bug Pug?
  • What ride did they go on twice?

Critical Thinking Questions

  • If you were at Fun Tun what ride would you want to go on?
  • Why do you think the pals chose to come to Fun Tun and not go back to the beach or play in the snow again?
  • How do you think they all felt about their trip to Fun Tun?

Book Extension Activities

  • Retell what happens in each chapter.
  • Would you want to live in a world where you can fly? Why or why not?
  • What was your favorite part of the book? Draw a picture to match.
  • Would you say Ben, Ted, Sam, and Pam are independent in this book? Give an example of how they are independent. (Explain to students what independent means if necessary and give an example).
  • If you were to send Ben, Ted, Sam, and Pam on a flying adventure where would you send them? Write your own chapter about it.
  • Design your own amusement park ride the pals could go on at Fun Tun.